About Us

Classic Art Pictures is a manufacturer and wholesale exporter of frames, mirrors and pictures. In addition to this the company is an importer of tombstones, fireplaces and furniture manufactured in granite and marble.

The company is based in Salford and is owned and managed by Mr. Pradeep Gupta. It has 10 full time highly skilled employees, and has been at its present location for over 20 years.

Classic Art Pictures can produce any size frame in a wide range of mouldings including woods, plastics and MDF. It carries over 30,000 frames, mirrors and pictures in stock at any time. The customer base encompasses the whole of the UK and mainland Europe.

A computer controlled inventory helps with the production planning, as well as raw material purchasing. All the mouldings produced are stored, available for immediate retrieval to allow a quick turnaround from order to delivery.

The company has an exclusive partnership with Khammam Granite in Hydrabad in India (Website: www.khammamgranite.com or www.stonexindia.com ), producing tombstones, fireplaces and other artefacts in a range of marbles and granite. These pieces are produced using the latest stone cutting equipment and traditional hand carving methods, resulting in a bespoke piece of stonework.

The future of Classic Art Pictures is expanding to open new trade warehouses within the UK located North and South. Quick service can be ensured with both in house delivery and a network of courier services distributing any orders internationally.